About Us

Each day we do all we can to make the customer experience personal, meaningful, and valuable. We’ve spent years designing, developing, delivering, and continuously improving our enterprise-class BI Platform and industry-specific data models. Our platform and solutions are built for the people responsible for identifying and disseminating the critical insights that support sound decision making within any organization, and are built upon the foundational tools those people rely on each day.

We started offering hosted PowerPivot in 2010, and today we are by far the world’s most experienced operators of no-compromise Microsoft Cloud BI, supporting thousands of individuals across more than 220 Enterprise and SMB customer sites. With SOC-2 audited data centers and offices in Seattle and London, we can meet your local and global requirements.

If you’re already relying on Excel, exploring Power Pivot, using Analysis Services, Power BI, or even Tableau and you can't get support from IT, we can help. The ETL, as they say, is always the hardest part, and our load framework and refresh suite is battle tested against billions of rows of data.

Whatever you’re doing today, we can immediately help you amplify your insights, eliminate wasted effort, make better decisions, and unburden IT. We delight business users, data analysts, and IT leaders at Fortune 100 companies and small work groups every day, and we're confident we can do the same for you.

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