Category & Space Optimization

Retail space is finite. Consumer choices are ever-evolving. Are your Category Space allocation efforts keeping up?

Good Merchants are on top of trends, always estimating the next big category expansion.  The best Merchants not only take educated and calculated risks, they measure  the immediate impact of their Category Space allocations and impose steering changes to tune their approach.  This requires time and effort, but should be supported with on-demand performance analytics. The faster you know, the faster you grow, the farther you go.

You have your category strategy planned. Then products and Supplier marketing come along and shift consumer preference.  Aligning your selection to both your category strategy and the ever-shifting consumer preference is one of the more dynamic challenges facing Retailers.  The degree to which you minimize the disconnect between your assortment, pricing, and consumer preference, is the degree to which your strategy is rewarded.  At Pivotstream, we expose the performance relationship between space, pricing, and consumption to allow your fine tuning to be as frequent as desired.

Jeff EldertonCategory & Space Optimization