BevAlc Connected Insights – a Month of Free Insights!

What happens next? 

When you click on the button above, you'll have an opportunity to sign up for access.  When you submit your form, you'll get an email from us with your username and password - good throughout March 2017 for all three categories!

What is our Connected to Insights series? 

Pivotstream, a Nielsen Connected Partner, is providing entirely free access to a massive amount of insights for specific categories for the entire month of March.  Our goal is to introduce all of the Suppliers in the category to the remarkable knowledge and performance gains available when you combine Nielsen's best-in-class data with our easy, intuitive always-on web analytics platform.  At the conclusion of the month, there will be opportunity to subscribe to the identical service, or discuss expanded market coverage, data integrations, advanced analytics, and more. 

CPG companies have a lot of data. Using it well is a competitive advantage.

Sales and Marketing teams spend countless hours shaping and integrating data into usable knowledge, only to do it all again when the data changes. Pivotstream not only lets you recover all of that “data processing” time, we turbo-charge your sales and marketing efforts with best-in-class category and competitive analytics. Know ten times more, with a tenth of the effort. More time to sell, more firepower to sell with.

Unified analytics creates common understanding. Raise the bar! 

Easily support proposals with fact-based selling narratives. Understand your competitive landscape to increase your distribution. Optimize your strategies and grow your profits.  Share valuable insights with Retailers and Distributors. A unified knowledge voice amplifies the ROI of your data purchase, improves the communication quality and frequency between Distributors, Suppliers, and Retailers, and aligns everyone around the same goals. This happens when your team gets connected to insights. 

Experience Pivotstream on the "National Perspective" - Top 25 Markets and 4 Channels - FREE!        

Enjoy an absolutely free month on us (no credit cards, no contracts). Experience Nielsen data in the Pivotstream cloud. Have your entire team sign up for the free month and see for yourself how our platform and Nielsen's data saves time, improves understanding, and creates new conversations about securing real customer wins with analytics. We'll even throw in a thirty minute Insights Tour where our leadership will show how to leverage your performance - on real data!

Frank FultonBevAlc Connected Insights – a Month of Free Insights!