Depletions Analytics

Depletions matter. Unlock distribution optimization.

No surprise here, but distributors are caught in the middle. They ship products to stores who resell them. Sometimes these stores share or publish their consumption data, often they do not. As such, often a distributor's best source if market intelligence are their own activities - daily-level, item-level, outlet-level depletions data. At the same time, the supplier-clients of these distributors need to know how their brands are performing in non-tracked channels (like on-premise in the alcohol market). How can a distributor glean the most insights from their depletions data and facilitate secure data sharing with suppliers? Pivotstream.

At Pivotstream, we use industry specific knowledge to develop metrics and methodologies to gain insights from your depletions.   The tools that we develop allow the user to quickly determine how they want to examine the data and then make decisions based on historical data or strategies that are put in place at the Executive level.  Measure performance against budget targets or supplier goals.  Absolutely know, well in advance, if you are not tracking to your forecast, and intelligently identify where.  Layer in other data sources for more insights - like demographics data or your selling personalize the depletions insights to your team. Bench-mark performance against state or national averages to uncover opportunities for improvement.  Change the conversation from "pushing cases" to "optimizing profitable distribution."

Imagine what happens when management conversations transition from, "Let's get out there and sling cases!" to "You are under-performing on this brand versus state velocity averages in casual dining with this assortment. The Washington team is crushing it in that space, let's drill in and see how they are doing that."  

Jeff EldertonDepletions Analytics