Distribution Opportunity Assessment

Maximizing Every Day

What is your Sales team’s most valuable asset?   Their time.  The typical distributor has so many inefficiencies built into their daily operation due to the complexity of the logistics, the massive size and scope of the market, and the lack of preparation of hard facts that could have led to an easy deal being closed.  One of our latest tools at Pivotstream, the Distribution Opportunity Assessment, can help to vastly improve all of these variables and maximize everyone’s time and resources. 

Imagine if your sales team member received a list each morning of where they were headed for their daily visits and it was backed with cutting edge analytics and reports to empower them to advise the outlet on what SKUs they should order both in their portfolio and outside of it.  The form will be very easy to read and share with the buyers and illustrate the potential gains from executing the recommendations.  We have pushed the envelope on new technologies to make those daily email bursts hit the right inboxes, and give the teams the best arsenal at their disposal to win in the trenches.

Jeff EldertonDistribution Opportunity Assessment