Distributor Management

Knowledgeable Suppliers - Ways to differentiate

As a supplier, the burden falls upon you to manage and push both your distributors and retailers to meet their goals and continue to keep your brand top of mind.  Pivotstream enables you to incorporate your shipments, depletions, syndicated data and other secondary sources to produce an environment that creates actionable insights across your organization.  Distributor management by utilizing only depletions is no longer going to suffice.

The Goal Setting and Quarterly Business Review (QBR) processes are crucial elements to a healthy relationship between the supplier and distributor.  Whether the brand is managing dozens or hundreds of distributors, the complexity keeps escalating with profit margins decreasing and competition escalating.  The ability to use data and metrics as a performance management tool which ranks your distributors against each other and versus the average is paramount.  Pivotstream provides this platform and the fact that we can act as an objective 3rd party to make the entire process transparent and filled with trust gives the whole exercise that much more credibility.

Jeff EldertonDistributor Management