Forecasts, Goals & More

Know where you are going, and when you get there.

Road trips without maps are called 'wandering,' which is fine for a vacation, but terrible for business.

For many distributors, the forecasting and goal setting process with suppliers is often a one-way street where suppliers communicate their desired growth, independently from real-time knowledge about remaining distribution value.  With Pivotstream, we advocate for fact-based assessments of potential distribution coupled with weighted velocity projections on remaining distribution. We call that an Opportunity Assessment  model, and it informs in very real terms, the remaining distribution and sales potential of a brand in a given channel or geography. When distributors aid their supplier partners in identifying the true potential, both parties can come together on responsible and achievable goals by channel, state, salesperson and more.

Further, our depletions insights will identify the most productive channels, regions, and even customers for a given brand or category, allowing for a targeted effort against specific opportunities. We can provide a rank report of unsold customers for an item, in descending order by projected sales.  Only then can the distributor and supplier have a discussion around the investment required to secure the remaining distribution, as we all know that last 5% of distribution is by far the most expensive to get. Hunting is a lot easier when you know where to look.

Let's have a conversation about informed forecasting, goal setting, and the Opportunity Assessment process.


Jeff EldertonForecasts, Goals & More