Nielsen and VIP Integrations

Shepherding Brands and Growth

Brand Portfolio Management.  New Entrants.  Pricing Segmentation.  Aligning all of your distributor's manpower and investment requires focus and the best intelligence.

While stand-alone tools can be very impactful to the brands and distributors business, the integration of data sources is the next frontier and Pivotstream is leading the way in terms of those joins and what that brings to the decision makers.  At the top of the list for every stakeholder in the value chain is the intersection of depletions from the distributor to the retailer along with syndicated data to show consumption at the retail point.

The benefits of integrating the two sources are many, with supply chain and inventory management leading the way along with sales optimization insights, channel strategy review, and improved strategic planning.  We integrate market-level data with depletions and, for larger suppliers, Pivotstream integrates store-level data with your distributor depletions to reveal site-specific promotional and merchandising effectiveness, new product effectiveness, and more.

Jeff EldertonNielsen and VIP Integrations