Distribution has never been more complex.

The current day landscape for distributors in the alcohol beverage is the most complex and competitive it has ever been since the 3-tier system was developed.  The world is changing fast and massive consolidation with the largest distributors along with new channels such as the direct to consumer model with wine is making the environment constantly change on all of the players and only those that can adapt will come out on top.  A distributor’s job has developed over time from a logistics role moving boxes from Point A to Point B to a true partner that needs to show value to both the brands and the retailers for them to succeed.  Technology and data are playing a principal role in this entire ecosystem and it is now one of the only true differentiators that a distributor can harness to stand out above his peers, grow the business and add more suppliers and selling outlets. 

Pivotstream enables the distributor to gain insights and take effective action for their own internal business but also to give advice to their partners and allow everyone to improve their bottom lines.  Retailers want to maximize shelf space with the brands and SKUs that will make limited space return the most.   Suppliers want to grow account distribution, undertstand their velocity, and get assistance in planning.  To win, Distributors must add value for their Suppliers AND Customers that exceeds the products they deliver.   This requires harnessing automated insights against Depletions and  Syndicated Data, and intelligently sharing the same across both Suppliers and Customers.

Jeff EldertonDistributors