The Retailer game must be played at the store level to succeed.

While the shift to online commerce has been dramatic and must be addressed, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of purchases still take place at retail.  Space is a valuable commodity and today's top retailers must maximize the use of their stores and incorporate data in their every day business.

At Pivotstream, we work hand-in-hand with the retailers to develop tools that will impact their decisions, track success and measure execution.  The consumer experience is top of mind for every retailer and the platform allows for shifts in strategy and immediate results.  Pricing, SKU rationalization, merchandising effectiveness, promotional ROI and more will be addressed.  The sheer volume of data at the retail store level causes many systems to experience delays or even larger issues, but our technology has been proven at the highest levels of retail with millions of rows of data turned into insights for your team to act upon.

Jeff EldertonRetailers