Retailers require Suppliers to be 'expert' at their categories.

Gone are the days where a Supplier can produce an excellent product and sell it to a retailer purely on the merits of the product.  With the ever-expanding availability of data has come the retailer 'requirement' to present fact-based rationales for nearly every interaction between your brands and that retailers shelf or circular. Retailers are finely tuned to the reality of constraints... Space constraints on the shelf. Ad constraints in the circulars. And as a result, every decision a buyer takes to the buying or promotion committee has to be fully vetted in sound category knowledge and analytics.  Guess who has to provide that? Right, Suppliers.

This requirement has fallen fully to the Supplier community where organizational expertise and human resources become central to the ability to compete. There are many retailers and many sales folks who present to these retailers, so an internal Category Management capability has no choice but to be as responsive as possible, or risk undeserving the analytics requirement, and effectively disqualifying their own brands for distribution or promotional consideration. With Pivotstream, your team will have 24/7 access to best-in-class reporting, against market data, factory shipments, distributor depletions, and more.



What story does your data tell?  At Pivotstream, not only do we facilitate self-serve data exploration by everyone with a browser, freeing limited (and valuable) Category Management resources to focus on high priority opportunities, we also craft insights specifically to facilitate a clean selling narrative.  Interpreting market data is just as important as having market data, and our applications readily deliver immediate understanding and actionable analytics.

Winning Suppliers are increasingly giving on-demand, interactive insights capabilities to their teams.  Let us show you how we do just that.


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