Retail Link Analytics

Winning at the #1 Retailer!

Retail Link is a complex data source rich with opportunity for advanced analysis.  Additionally, Walmart tends to be excellent consumers of information, creating a powerful opportunity to leverage excellent store-level, day-level, UPC-level analytics. At Pivotstream, we augment this valuable data source with analytics expertise and additional data integrations.  Overlay depletions data with Retail Link data to see ship-to-consumption views. Add demographics by zip code to see performance by deciles across affluence or other demographic attribute.  For more advanced users, we create dynamic ACV metrics, allowing you to measure your distribution intelligently rather than only comparing performance per store.  What is your brand ACV by state? By Distributor? By stores which index high for Hispanics in Arkansas? Put plainly, when you know how to optimize your sales with Walmart, their door is open to suggestions. Get informed and enter!

With Walmart's staggering market share, every brand should put themselves in the best position to succeed.  By automating data extraction and hosting what can be huge and cumbersome data and overlaying advanced CPG metrics and customer specific hierarchies such as your sales force or that of the distributors, Pivotstream lets you extract the most from Retail Link.  Whether you use the Pivotstream to automate insights for your team, create and share interactive dashboards with your Walmart buyer, or to efficiently meet the reporting requirements of this retail giant, we are here to help.

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