Data Security and Compliance

We Protect Your Data

Pivotstream understands that data is one of 
the most strategic and important assets of any organization. Our team has been providing SaaS and Cloud based analytics solutions for over a decade, and it’s core to our culture to put the highest priority on maintaining the security and privacy of Customer data.

The global, cloud based Pivotstream Platform is hosted in SOC 2 data centers in Seattle and London, providing enterprise-class security encompassing documented operational controls, internal and external user security, data security, application security, and transmission security. Our culture is built on a commitment to continuous improvement, proactive monitoring and management, and a belief that there is always an opportunity to do better.

Our architectural philosophy mandates that all security is role-based and granted to staff on a need-to-have basis. We build everything we do with ever-evolving best practices in mind, and we know our job is never done.

Your data is your own, and our multi-tenant environment was designed from inception to assure logical separation and exceptional data and application security. Only your authorized users have access to your data and workbooks enabled on the Pivotstream Platform. The only exception to this control is our small team of Operational System Administrators who have role-based access to our entire system.

At Pivotstream, our goal is to provide you with a platform and solutions that meet or exceed the same rigid requirements your customers demand from your business, and to provide you with the assurance that your data and applications are safe, available, and performant.

Give us a call at 425-249-3390 (Ext 4) or contact us and we’ll tell you more about how we do what we do, send you our Data and Security Practices white paper, and help you decide if we’re a fit for your requirements.

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