Supplier Category Management

We don't crunch numbers, we crush them. Empower everyone with category management insights, on-demand, 24/7.

In a world of 1,000s of SKUs in every shape, size, flavor and packaging... How can your brand rise to the top and produce the results you seek?  In addition to a great product and marketing plan, brands are relying more than ever on data to understand their competitive landscape and craft fact-based presentations to achieve distribution.  If you are a brand in the growth phase, where should you launch next?  If your brand is already broadly distributed, how can you rationalize your SKUs, optimize your promotions, and set an intelligent innovation path?

Often, our clients have Category Management professionals on staff. Pivotstream gives these important team members a much needed efficiency mechanism to extend their fine work. Our solution comes with a suite of reports, but no doubt your Category Management pros know how they want to see the data delivered. With our platform, your category managers can build their own interactive dashboards and deploy them to everyone, multiplying the results their efforts. Best practices capabilities go to everyone. Now that is smart.

At Pivotstream, we couple your syndicated data with our cloud analytics platform and decades of category management experience to extend best-in-class insights in a self-serve, web-based portal to every member of your team. whether you are a cosmetics company or a beverage alcohol supplier, you will have 24/7 access to volume, distribution, and velocity facts at the click of a button for every geography and retailer. With this capability, anyone can quickly and accurately determine the which competitor SKUs should be replaced by your own and why. Shelf space is a finite resource, and your buyer is looking to you to help maximize their profitability. Will you be able to help?



Jeff EldertonSupplier Category Management