Supplier Depletions Portals

Add significant value to your supplier relationships. Differentiate with shared analytics.

As a distributor, managing a portfolio of suppliers and brands is a monumental task.  There are so many variables and forces that contribute to the performance of your team and that of the suppliers.  Central to a distributor's success are the relationships they maintain with their supplier partners. Most challenging to these relationships is the visibility gap between distributor actions and supplier results. More than anything, your suppliers want to know what activity is happening with their brands, and whether or not the plan is going to be met.  At Pivotstream, we convert that tension into loyalty by letting you share performance to goal insights in real time.

Easily create and manage supplier-specific analytics portals with auto-refreshing reports and dashboards to foster true partnership, fact-based and realistic planning, and measurement against shared objectives.  Doing so will add real value to the already valuable services you provide. Most importantly, suppliers will respond with appreciation and their own ideas for how collectively you can identify and close distribution gaps. Supplier information needs are so important that you may discover that providing shared insights is one of the best supplier recruitment tools you have!  Pivotstream provides an opportunity for distributors differentiate in a personalized manner.  Anyone can buy trucks, but your partnership and insights commitment to suppliers extends deeper.

Jeff EldertonSupplier Depletions Portals